Thursday, April 28th, 2022

How To Take Care Of Your Footwear

Taking care of your footwear quite possibly a tedious task – and since many of us don’t clean our shoes and offer it the proper TLC, it can wear out much faster. Whether you’re wearing sneakers, high heels, leather shoes or comfortable sandals, taking proper care of your footwear will extend its life span. Here are some simple tips to take care of your footwear.

  • Treat Them Well From The Beginning – By preventing stains and wrinkles right from the start you can increase its durability. As you get back home and remove your footwear ensure to take your shoes off and wipe them down with a wet cloth, especially if there are any stains or dust, and then with a dry cloth to remove any moisture or water droplets. Store them in a safe dry place before you wear them again.


  • Stuff Your Shoes –  Stuff your shoes with newspapers when you’re storing them. Newspapers are easily available, and you can recycle them by stuffing them into your shoes before storing them away. The newspapers absorb any moisture; whether you got drenched in the rain or if your feet are sweaty. It’ll almost help minimize any odor. Stuffing your shoes (like how they’re in the store) will also help reduce any creases that form on the top and keep it looking ‘new’ much longer.


  • Store Them Safely – Did you know shoes stored in shoe boxes often trap moisture in them, thus reducing the quality of the material over time? Keep them away from direct sunlight and dust. Add dryer sheets into your shoes or put them back into your fabric shoe bags when storing them, to keep them fresh or purchase products that will eliminate odours.


  • Say No to the Washing Machine – As tempting and easy it may seem to toss your shoes into the washing machine for a good wash – avoid doing so! Instead, grab a small brush and some cleaning liquid and give your shoes a good scrub. It’s completely safe to toss the laces into the machine though!


  • Toothpaste, Not Just For Your Teeth – Need to restore your sneakers’ sheer white look? Add a wee bit of toothpaste on to a brush or toothbrush and brush it onto the sole. Ensure your toothpaste is white, without any colour additives and remember not to use it on leather shoes!